Coaching Information


Varsity Girls Head Track Coach:

Applicants should send a letter of interest electronically to:  Cathy Kolovich HR. Admin. Asst to  This position is open until filled.


All clearances must be submitted Cathy Kolovich at IPAC

Coaching Clearances:
  • Criminal History – Act 34 – Pennsylvania State Police
  • Child Abuse History – Act 151 – Department of Human Services
  • IndentoGo Finger Print – Act 114. Please contact Tim Foor for the service code.
  • If you volunteer you must complete the volunteer affidavit click here
Coaching Course to be Completed Every Year:
These courses must be completed before the 1st legal practice date for your sport:
Coaching Courses to be Completed by July 1, 2018
Each coach must complete the courses prior to July 1, 2018 or within TWO years after your hire date.
  • Human Kinetics Coaching course
  • National Federation
Mandated Reporter Training:
  • All coaches (elementary, junior high, junior varsity, and varsity) must complete this training
  • Completed documentation needs to be submitted to Cathy Kolovich at IPAC
  • Click here for the training site.

Directions for Creating a coach Profile and Uploading Course Requirements to the PIAA Website for Coaches

To use the coaching credentialing system – visit our website:;

Click “login” (the gold box in top right corner of your screen).

Click the “Coaches” tab.

If you have not previously used the coaches’ credentialing portal, you will need to create a new user profile by clicking “Register” and following the steps to create a new user – (Note: school, official, or other logins used in our system are not useable for the purpose of coaching education). 

Once you have created a profile, the Coaching Education System becomes available.

  • In the first section, select each school which you are affiliated.  Multiple schools may be selected if affiliated with more than one school.  Simply begin typing the school name, and the system will match all available schools.
  • In the second section, “PIAA Education Requirements”, upload certificates of completion or a transcript to support completion of the required coaching and first aid required courses.  Note, if submitting a course other than an NFHS or ASEP approved course, type in the name of the course you are submitting. 

NOTE: One submission must be made for each course requirement.  A single transcript cannot be uploaded once to satisfy the requirement for coaching and first aid.  They must be uploaded separately.

Please do not submit concussion or cardiac coursework in this section.  That information may be upload under section 3 “Optional School Education”, but should not be uploaded under section 2.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Grassel, PIAA Assistant Executive Director in the PIAA Office at (717) 697-0374, or (800) 382-1392.