General Maintenance Worker

Full-time, second shift, 3pm-11pm

$12.50 / hour with full benefits


Qualifications:  You must possess a current valid driver’s license for the State of Pennsylvania. This person shall display the ability to effectively apply his/her expertise to the maintenance operations of the district as well as attain a satisfactory score on an aptitude test of general building trades and maintenance knowledge.  To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty at an above average level.   This individual must possess a current valid driver’s license for the state of Pennsylvania.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills and abilities required.  The individual must have the ability:

  1. To operate, maintain and make adjustments to various types of equipment
  2. To stand, crawl, crouch and bend/stoop for sustained periods of time.
  3. To hear (40 decibel loss maximum) and have vision requirements near acuity of 20 inches or less with depth perception, color vision and more.
  4. To balance on ladders, scaffolding and catwalks as well as push and pull objects and to use fingers and hands to pick, feel and grasp objects.
  5. To add and subtract three-digit numbers and to multiply and divide by 10’s and 100’s as well as the ability to perform these operations using units of U.S. currency, weight measurement, volume and distance in feet and inches.


Please submit application to:

Shikellamy School District

c/o Dr. Jason S. Bendle, Superintendent

200 Island Blvd.

Sunbury, PA 17801