COVID-19 is continuing to steal from the events and milestones of our children and young adults that define their childhood years. With the uncertainty of the upcoming sports seasons being restricted or even cancelled we want to make sure that our valley athletes know that we support them.

Watching your child play a sport they love is one of the great blessings of parenthood. The thrill is both vicarious and immersed. It’s exhilarating to see their athletic prowess and grit. There are memories from so many years of teams, tournaments, trips and all of that could now be gone.

We can never make up what the 2020 senior athletes may lose, however; The Daily Item would like to be a part of giving them something special to remember. We want to flood the valley with their smiles and their athletic accomplishments in the “FREE” ad featured on the attached flyer that is available to all upcoming 2020-21 senior athletes.

I am requesting that each school district share the attached file on a student/parent page to let the seniors know that we are offering a free ad with a short bio and picture to each senior athlete in all school districts that The Daily Item serves. It will be part of a special Fall Sports section to be published on Thursday, August 27, 2020.

All the information that they need to submit their bio/pic is on the attached file. If you have any questions please reach out to me and I will answer them.