Dear Students,

I hope you are doing well. The following is a document that will help guide you in this new world of Remote Learning. Please understand that we are learning together. As we discover areas that need to change or improve, we will update this guidance. Please be patient as we navigate this new world together with you. Thank you!

All the best,

Mr Freeman 

  • Daily Attendance
    1. Each student who is in the Remote Learning Environment should join the Shikellamy Daily Attendance Google Classroom. The code to join is ko4ybwi . Each day by 8am you will need to complete a daily check-in assignment. It is important that you do the following-
      1. Fill out form
      2. Click submit and wait
      3. Click Done
      4. Click Done (need to do this twice)
    2. Attendance is a legal requirement by the PA School Code.  You, as a Remote student, are held to the same standard as the In-Person Learner. Just as the In-Person Learner can be cited for truancy, so can the Remote Learner.  If you are going to be absent, or you were absent, your parent will need to email Mrs Neff and provide an excuse at
  • Class Attendance
      1. Each Classroom Teacher is requiring that their class is attended each day. This will need to be done by completing a daily check-in, bellringer, or an assignment. Any student that does not check in will receive an academic penalty. 
      2. If you are unable to attend a class, your parent will need to email your teacher an excuse as to why you were unable to attend. You will be required to make up that schoolwork. 
  • Google Classroom
      1. This is the central location of all of your learning. Think of this as a road map that provides directions to multiple locations.  
      2. Each Google Classroom will have a Daily or Weekly Agenda, Assignments, Assessments, Location to Find Videos to Watch, and Announcements. 
      3. Use of Flipgrid
        1. Flipgrid is a way to communicate with video or chat with teachers or work on assignments and projects with other students. 
        2. This will help with showing problems in completing assignments. Students can discuss problems with the teacher via a video by recording and sending. Teacher receives an email and can respond via a video or meet on a Google Meet.
      4. If you need a classroom code to join a Google Classroom, please email your teacher. 
  • Grading
    1. Every student at SHS is responsible for their own learning and grades. The teacher’s job is to instruct, communicate, motivate, inspire, and impart knowledge.Your job is to study and learn what is conveyed to you. Remote Learners will be graded and assessed on the same content as the In-Person Learners. Again, you earn your grades. Thus, it is your responsibility to reach out to the teacher if you do not understand or comprehend what is being taught. You need to be an advocate for yourself.
    2. Please email, call, do a Google Meet, or use Flipgrid to provide clarification on what you are struggling with.
  • Communication
    1. If you have technology issues or internet difficulties that are Chromebook or school related, please contact your teacher, counselor, Mr. Bacher, or Mr. Freeman 
    2. All classroom concerns should go to the teacher first, counselor second, and principals third.