Dear Students,

The district has made the decision to move our Half-day Wednesdays to Fridays until the end of February. With Covid-19 cases currently at high levels, closing allows us to conduct a “Deep Clean”. This resets our case counts and allows our HS to remain open. 

The expectations for our Half-day Virtual Fridays are as follows: 1. All Remote and In-Person students should be logged in and attending Google Meets for each period (except lunch and study hall). The adjusted Bell Schedule for Virtual Fridays can be found on the HS Website, in your Google Classrooms, and your email.  2. All Remote and In-Person students are expected to complete assignments given by your teachers on the Virtual Fridays. If you are not in attendance you will receive a zero on any assessments or classwork provided on the Virtual Fridays. 3. Any Remote student needing extra help and assistance should email their teachers. Teachers are available Friday afternoons to help Remote students.  4. Virtual Academy students will continue to complete their courses as normal. If you need assistance, Mrs Gittens can be reached at her school email. 

I want to personally thank all of you for your flexibility and support during this unprecedented time. Please know that challenges and adversity make you stronger. Students all across the country had to quickly adapt to this new learning environment and SHS students have done an outstanding job adapting and succeeding. Go Braves!

All the best,

Mr Freeman, SHS Principal 

Virtual Friday Bell Schedule