Part-time 6.5 Hour Cook


Qualifications:  Education shall consist of no less than a high school diploma or GED or a minimum of three (3) years of satisfactory prior experience in food service work.  Also, the willingness to and ability to perform the tasks required for the position in a designated period of time.  The following skills and attributes must be documented and displayed by ability:


  • To read and interpret state and federal government regulations
  • To communicate using oral/written English language skills with others   
  • To lift equipment, packages and inventory up to 40 lbs.
  • To stand and walk for extended periods of time during each work schedule
  • To understand and physically prepare food and food production
  • To service on the line, operate a register, dishwasher, steamer, slicer
  • To display dexterity in utilizing food service equipment to the fullest 
  • To drive the box truck as needed


A  Performance Responsibilities 

  1. Collecting cash payments and tickets.
  2. Helping to prepare the cafeteria for operation prior to the beginning of the school term and properly storing the materials and equipment following the end of the school term.
  3. Learning and operating a point of sale computerized system.
  4. Preparing and serving breakfast and lunch.
  5. Maintaining the cleanliness of the equipment, utensils and all aspects of the food service program.
  6. Demonstrating correct personal hygiene including , but not limited to washing hands, wearing plastic serving gloves, clean hair and clothing, wearing hair restraints and knowing HACCP and/or Serve safe procedures.
  7. Being able to understand, read and write daily sales reports using the English Language.


B Cafeteria Reports

  1. Preparing a daily summary of sales.
  2. Preparing daily bank deposits.
  3. Routing all bills and time slips to the Director of Food Service.  Bills must be signed/dated upon delivery.
  1. Keeping records of all sales and lunch tickets.
  2. Working with and for people in a courteous and cooperative manner, keeping in mind that our main goal is to “support” the educational process.
  3. Organizing and counting food items to satellite to other schools and sites within the area. (A production kitchen function only)
  4. Being available to work banquets as scheduled in the building.
  5. Follow security measures as assigned by the school district.
  6. Doing light duty work in the event of change in ability.
  7. Being familiar with location and usage of fire extinguishers, emergency phone numbers, water and gas shut off valves and breaker panels in emergencies.

Candidates interested please apply in writing to:

Dr. Jason S. Bendle, Superintendent

200 Island Blvd.

Sunbury, PA  17801

Job will be posted until November 22, 2021