Parents, please contact your child’s assigned school guidance counselor for any of the following K-5 Cyber issues:

-Change your contact information (phone or email)

-Change your address

-Change any other personal information


Gina Miscannon (BECK)

Heidi Dorman (CHIEF)


-If you still can not login into the chromebook or tablet:

  1. If you don’t have a login and password for your child’s tablet or chromebook, contact your child’s school.

NOTE: Login and Password for chromebook is different from Login and Password to CAOLA


How do I open an RTF document on a Chromebook?

To open a file with a .rtf (Rich Text Format) file extension on a Chromebook, first save the document or upload it to your Google Drive.

You can not open a .rtf file from a flash drive on a Chromebook by double-clicking. The file must first be uploaded, saved or copied to Drive and opened from the drive.

Downloading Software:

If you get a restricted authorization for downloading software like Adobe Reader, the chromebooks will not allow software to download on to them.

Chromebooks already have PDF capabilities, they don’t need Adobe Reader. They have Google Docs, so they don’t need LibreOffice (the Google Docs files can be downloaded as Open Document Format if necessary).

Users can’t install software on Chromebooks.

AUDIO RECORDER: In the Chrome Web Store (in the launcher) there is an extension that can be used to record audio. Cloud Audio Recorder is a simple recorder that will save the audio to an MP3 or WAV file. If you get loud or weird noises when doing them turn the volume down on the chromebook.


-One of the videos explains using PDF on Chromebook: Please reference this document as it contains helpful information.


When you are submitting student work, please submit it into the program under the ‘Activity’ section instead of through email. That will enter it into our gradebook to be graded. Without it in this section, it’s not being ‘acknowledged’ as completed and submitted.

Annotating over PDF documents:

  1. Click DOWNLOAD to download the worksheet that is being presented.
  2. Go to the top right hand side of the screen and click on the pen icon in order to annotate(write with your finger) on the worksheet.

***If you would like to type on the document there are free websites that enable you to do so. For example, PDFEscape and PDF Editor are two that seem very easy to maneuver.

  1. Once you “write” or “type” on the document you are able to save it to your Google Drive.
  2. Once the document is in your Google Drive, you will be able to upload the assignment in the course to turn it in. If you do not “hand in” or submit assignments through the course, it will look to the course as if unfinished and may not allow you to move forward with the rest of the course.

Helpful Video for Submitting Coursework:

SUBMITTING AUDIO FILES: We cannot hear them if you simply save them in Google Drive. We do not have ‘permission’ to view your drive. Instead, DOWNLOAD the file and then upload it into the course ‘ASSIGNMENT’ box from your ‘downloads’.


How to pace children and their work for the learning coaches. (MAKE SURE TO USE THE CALENDAR) The calendar is located under the menu box.


If you need to take a picture of an assignment to submit it, you will need to use the camera on the Chromebook. Due to security reasons, your son’s/daughter’s email can only SEND and RECEIVE emails from “” email accounts. So, if you take a picture on your phone and try and send it to your child’s email account, it won’t work. NOTE: When you take a picture on the Chromebook, it will appear backwards, but it will download in the files under ‘images’ correctly. You’ll need to go into your ‘images’ to upload the picture into the ‘assignment box’ in Accelerated Education so that the assignment can be submitted for grading. (So it will be helpful to name your image when saving it.)


Using the Chromebook, go to the browser and type the following:

Click on “Join or Start a Meeting”. Enter the code provided by your teacher. You will find the meeting code in an email sent to both the parent’s and child’s email accounts. Again, due to security reasons, your son’s/daughter’s email can only send and receive emails from “” email accounts. Please do not try to forward the link from your email to your child’s email, as that will NOT work. Just go to in the Chromebook browser, click “Join or Start a Meeting”, and enter the code provided.


Please, do not use the contact school tab in the dashboard as a way to contact your child’s teacher. This tab is used for a technology issue within the genius dashboard.