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  1. K-2 Pro’s & Cons
  2. Elementary Debate
  3. Tearing Down the Gates
  4. Poverty, Ethnicity and education 
  5. In Public Education, Education Still Goes to Rich
  6. Dividing Classes: How the Middle Class Negotiates and Rationalizes School Advantage 
  7. Creating and Sustaining Successful Mixed-Income Communities:  Conceptualizing the Role of Schools 
  8. In an age of resegregation, these schools are trying to balance poor and wealthy kids
  9. Poor kids learn like rich kids and all the kids in between
  10. Multiplying Inequalities:  The Effects of Race, Social Class, and Tracking on Opportunities to Learn Mathematics and Science
  11. A teacher like me: Does Race, Ethnicity, or Gender Matter?
  12. Do Poor Kids Deserve Lower Quality Education Than Rich Kids?
  13. Rich Kid, Poor Kid

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