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This guide will help you set up forwarding on the Switchvox phone system.

NOTE: Calls should not be forwarded from the phone apps on the phone. They should only be forwarded from Call Rules to ensure that all calls get forwarded.

1. Login to the extension
Use your username only with mixed case and password.
NOTE: You can log in to the system outside of the network.

2. Create Call Rule

Once you are logged in, go to Features > Call Rules and select Create Call Rule Set

3. Set Parameters for Call Rule

Give the Call Rule a name, like “Unconditional Call Forward”. You can leave the Rule Set Time Frame at “Anytime” and the Rule Set Status at “Any Status” and it will always forward calls.

4. Save Call Rule Set

Save Call Rule

5. Create Action

Create Action > Select Call Forward to forward to another extension
– or –
Create Action > Select Call Cascade to forward to an external number like a cell phone

Technical Stuff: Call Forward should only be used for internal transfers between extensions (to send a call to an external number use Call Cascade instead). The extension you are forwarding to can be another phone, a Call Queue, or an IVR. Once a call is forwarded to the extension, the call rules for that extension are followed.

6. Set Parameters for Action

Type of Call: Specify whether the rule applies to Direct Calls, Queue Calls, or All Calls

Note: Direct calls go directly to your extension. Queue calls typically ring a department. All calls will forward whenever your phone extension rings

7. Set Destination of Forwarded Call

Extension to Forward to: Enter an external phone number or Switchvox extension such as: SIP, IVR, Call Queue, or Virtual Extension.

Note: Phone numbers external to the system may need a “9” before the phone number!

8. Set number of rings before call forward

Number of times to ring previous rule: Specify how many times you want the phone to ring before forwarding the call. You can forward it Immediately and it will not ring on the extension.
Note: It is suggested to let it ring once, that way when you are near your phone, the phone will ring once so that you know that you are getting a call and call forwarding may need turned back off when you get back.

9. Save Action

Save Action

10. Move rule to top of list

Make sure you move the Call Rule to the top of the list, if you want to give it priority over other Call Rules. You can move it by dragging.

11. Verify Call Forwarding

Call your extension and/or queue and verify that the call forwards.


As you explore around, you will find that you can set the forwarding to be conditional by time of day, or how the status of your phone is set.

To remove call forwarding if you did not set up the advanced options (not covered here), either move the call forward rule to the bottom of the list, or delete the Call Rule Set created in this guide.



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