Google Calendar Sharing (Delegation)

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To delegate your calendar

Sign in to your calendar at

From the gear menu, select Settings.

Click Calendars.

In the Sharing column for your calendar, click Share this calendar or Shared: Edit settings (whichever appears).

In the Share with specific people box, type the email address of the person to whom you want to delegate your calendar.

Click Add Person.

In the drop-down box under Permission Settings, select Make changes AND manage sharing.

Click Save.

After you’ve delegated your calendar, your delegate can sign in to their calendar and manage your calendar. For example, your delegate can follow these steps to create a new event on your calendar:

Sign in to Calendar (the delegate’s calendar).

Verify that the delegated calendar shows up in the My Calendars list.

In the drop-down list by the delegated calendar, select Create a new event on this calendar.


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