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1.  Run the Managed Software Updater to get the new Google Drive and Sync installed.

2.  Once the installation is complete, open the lauchpad area of your MacBook and launch the new Drive and Sync App.  (blue cloud icon)

3.  Once launched, you will notice the icon will appear in the upper menu bar of your MacBook in a similar location as they previous Google Drive App.

4.  As in the previous Google Drive App, you can click on the new Drive and Sync app icon in the upper menu bar to verify that your items are syncing correctly with your Google Drive Folder on your MacBook.

5.  You will still use the Google Drive folder on your MacBook as your primary local storage location as before.  However you can choose to sync items such as your desktop and documents folder by choosing the App Preferences by clicking on the 3-Dot matrix menu and choosing preferences.  

NOTE* Should you get a message stating that Google Drive is still running and you cannot complete the update, be sure to click on the Google Drive icon in the upper menu bar and choose to “Quit Google Drivve”.  You can also use Apple’s “Force Quit” option under the Apple menu.

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