Mission Statement

The mission of the Shikellamy School District is to challenge and excite learners to be all that they can be as responsible citizens for the 21st Century.

Dimensions of Excellence

The Shikellamy School District exists to provide a safe environment where all persons involved in the educational process have the opportunity to experience success.  The District has identified the following set of guiding beliefs.  All actions and decisions made by the District are based on, and supported by, these beliefs.

  1. We believe in students.
  2. We believe that all students can learn and achieve.
  3. We channel all resources toward having the students meet success.
  4. We believe that people are the most essential resource.
  5. We believe that all employees strive to do an excellent job.
  6. We encourage practical and logical risk taking.
  7. We encourage and reward exceptional and/or innovative efforts.
  8. We encourage collaboration and organizational ownership.
  9. We encourage positive actions and positive reactions.
  10. We encourage all employees to model learning and fairness through their actions.
  11. We operate as an integral part of our diverse community.
  12. We believe that academic excellence is a result of a partnership of caring, involved  employees and parents.

By simply publishing these beliefs, the Shikellamy School District does not imply that they are automatically exercised.  We must intentionally direct all of our actions to model and practice these beliefs.  There will be an ongoing evaluation of our efforts to exemplify an excellent school district using a variety of measures.  This process will involve students and members of the community, as well as administrators, teachers and support staff of the school district.  To attain excellence, students, parents and the community must be partners with the professional educators, who are acknowledged, through their training, actions and beliefs, as experts on learning.

Adopted: April 8, 1994
Last Modified: September 10, 2003