The economy of the Shikellamy School District is greatly diversified with manufacturing as the major source of employment. The products of the district include: baked goods, construction, materials, concrete products, electro-mechanical components, wire rope, dairy products, fabrics, bobby pins and accessories, flush wood doors, juice drinks and vegetables, drop-forgings, and athletic mats, to name just a few.

Commercial activity includes retail stores, service, and wholesale establishments. One of the largest family owned grocery chains on the East Coast, Weis Markets, was founded and maintains its corporate headquarters in the Shikellamy School District. There is a shopping plaza located within the Sunbury City Limits, and the downtown business communities of both Northumberland and Sunbury provide a complete compliment of retail merchants, along with a healthy financial community.

With numerous locally owned and operated businesses there is a full selection of modern chain stores and a unique agricultural segment of the economy divests itself of excess produce and meats, practices and traditional arts, crafts and skills of the area and maintains communication with neighbors and friends in order to preserve the rich, cultural past of it’s agricultural heritage.

Dairy, poultry, and livestock enterprises dominate the character of agricultural activity in the district. Poultry farming is the largest source of agricultural income in Northumberland County. Dairy and livestock farms are generally family-type operations, which range in size from 100 to 200 acres. Production of small grains, including corn and hay. The production of vegetable processing crops, such as tomatoes, peas, string beans, sweet corn and potatoes have been increased as evidenced by this outlet for local produce and by the existence of a major canning company within the district. The district also boasts both print and electronic media services and a host of public utilities.