The most striking physical feature of the district is its access to a major waterway. The completion of the world’s largest inflatable fabridam, some eight feet high and 2,100 feet long, has created Lake Augusta. This huge placid basin has become the hub for a multitude of diverse recreational activities. It encompasses some 3,000 acres, has more than 40 miles of useable shore line and extends upstream more than 5 miles on both branches. This provides swimming, boating and waterskiing opportunities in summer, when the water would normally be too low.

In addition, the state has acquired the southern tip of Packer’s Island and developed an ultra-modern marina. The marina provides not only mooring for the numerous pleasure crafts in the area, but also facilities for both camping and public picnicing. In addition, the fields and woodlands within the district provide abundant opportunities for hunting and fishing.

In general, there are numerous recreational activities, the opportunity to participate in both competitive and non-competitive sports, to relax in the enjoyment of one’s hobby, or generally to experience the wonders of nature that abound in the area.