What Caring and Sharing Mean to Me:

by A.C.

To me, caring is taking care and being nice to someone who is sick.  Someone not feeling well needs someone to care for them.  This is what I call caring for others.  Caring for yourself is much different.

If you do not take care of yourself, you too can become sick or hurt.  If you care for yourself you will feel better about yourself when you feel better.  If people feel good they are more caring to themselves and to others.

Sharing makes me think of school.  If I was using my markers in school, and someone needed to use them, I would give them the markers to use.  I would rather share than not say “no” and not share.  No is a word that means not sharing.  What caring and sharing mean to me is that if you care for others and yourself, share with others, good things will happen to that person.  That is what I think of when I hear the words care and share.

By A.C.

Chief Shikellamy