The Shikellamy Board of Education adopted the following ten goals

  1. Meet or exceed state and federal expectations for standardized testing.
  2. Continue to compare course completion and achievement by district students to national data for Advanced Placement courses.
  3. Continue to review and establish a five year approach for academic offerings in the middle and high schools.
  4. Adopt three year strategies for specific sources of revenue to fund personnel costs and other major expenditures.
  5. Positively promote student achievement and activities through social media and other media sources.
  6. Promote and engage the public in growing the Braves Foundation.
  7. Annually explore district opportunities for students attending alternative education programs.
  8. Work towards 25% enrollment in the Shikellamy Digital Learning program of the total number of resident cyber school students.
  9. Actively and regularly compete for truly competitive grants.
  10. Research ways to gather information from former students to determine what they find helpful and what could be done to improve preparing other students for life after graduation.