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2019 Marching Season

“Scenes From An Italian Restaurant”

The smell of the fresh bread, the home-made meatballs and pasta that is as good as your Nana’s at the family dinners on Sundays. Stomachs always leave full and faces complete with a satisfied smile. Love is in the air and in the sauce. Come with us as the Shikellamy Marching Braves open the door to their 2019 production “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. “

Scene One: The Food
Fresh Italian Bread and Meatballs over Pasta
The smells bring you in and the taste keeps you coming back

Scene Two: The Glance
When two people steal glances from across the candle lit dining room magic happens.

Scene Three: The Memories
From the trips to New Orleans to the trips back to the eatery where it began, all of these take you back to the memories that have spanned a lifetime. So sit back, take a sip and relive them all over again at our Italian restaurant.

Musical Selections include the traditional dance “Tarantella” and Billy Joel’s “Scenes from and Italian Restaurant”

2018 Marching Season
Cavalcade State Champions!

   Matt Conaway’s “Captive” sets the musical backdrop for the Shikellamy Marching Braves as they musically and visually portray the anger, anxiety and emotional maelstrom that is depression.


Depression – The calm before the “storm” builds to an emotional impact that will pull our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions in a thousand directions.  Everything we know and love gets caught up in a turbulent force engulfing us in shades of black and shades of white.


Reflection – When you look in the mirror and you cannot even recognize the person staring back at you.  Can you ever become that person you once knew again?

Aniexty – It comes at you like a massive tidal wave of hopelessness and negativity. Consuming all that is positive in your mind making every day a battle.

Taming The Waves – With the help of Therapy and Loved Ones the maelstrom within can be tamed and controlled.  Always remember: you are not alone.

2017 Marching Season

The mountain in front of you can be conquered…or it can conquer you.

“Braving The Summit”

Part One: “The Climb.”  To climb any mountain, one must start at the base.  The Marching Braves will begin their expedition through the mountains by starting at the mountain base with Robert W. Smith’s “To The Summit.”  Our journey begins with one step at a time and we must always keep pushing onward.  Abilities are tested and bodies are pushed to the limit.  This is just the beginning as we climb and track onward to our goal, the summit.  The opening alto sax soloist is Lauren Koppen.

Part Two: “White Out.”  A snow storm arrives and our path is covered in glittering snow cover. As beautiful as the heavy snowfall is, if we are not prepared, we will succumb to the elements and may surely perish.  The snow reminds us that beauty can be pretty and dangerous at the same time. We will stay on top of the storm the best that we can and march on to the top through Eric Whitacre’s “Lux Aurumque.”

Part Three: “Marching to the Top.”  All the hardships, both physical and mental, are worth it when the top of the summit comes into view.  We stop to regroup and look back on all that we left behind.  With the summit in view, we look forward with anticipation as we quicken our step and continue to march on to our destination.  And then…we have done it!  We have made it to the summit!  Our goal is accomplished through Robert Longfield’s “The Road Less Traveled.

2016 Marching Season
   In the world of music, the majority of musical scales used to create music are constructed of seven different pitches.  In the world of nature, a color spectrum produces seven different wavelengths of light creating seven different colors.   The Shikellamy Marching Braves will take you through the spectrum of both the musical world and the visual elements of nature on our exploration of the seven elements of each world.  Nathan Daughtrey’s piece untitled “Black Rainbow” gives us the musical backdrop for our 2016 production.
Black Rainbow” by Nathan Daughtry
2015 Marching Season
“Queen of Hearts Holiday”
“Minor Alterations” by David Lovrien
“Minor Alterations 2” by David Lovrien
A special thanks to David Lovrien!
We are glad you enjoyed our performance!
2014 Marching Season 
Take The Ribbons” by Gary Gilroy
With Quiet Courage” by Larry Daehn
And Hope Led Them Home” by Patrick Roszell and Justin Williams
A special thanks to Larry Daehn! 

2013 Marching Season

 “New Askew”
Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” done Shikellamy style!
2012 Marching Season

“The Music of Nightwish

(Thank you for your permission!)


Taikatalvi (Ballad)
2011 Marching Season

The Circus is in town!

The Shikellamy High School Marching Braves are proud to present their 2011 production Cirʞus.” This season’s program pulls together all of the sounds, colors and excitement of the circus. In addition, we provide glimpse of a circus performer under the Big Top..

Join the loads of fun and excitement as the circus train pulls into town. The pulse pounding tempo of  “Carnival Overture,” by Anton Dvorak, lures everyone of all ages to come and see our magical circus experience come to life.


Step under the Big Top and enjoy the crazy antics of the clowns and the other circus acts as “Dream Circus,” by Rob Deamer, provides us with an exciting circus atmosphere. Heart racing tempo and music that requires extraordinary skill, provides the audience with an abundance of thrills.

Life in the circus, however, isn’t always as fun as it appears. The somber sounds of  “Send In The Clowns,” by Stephen Sondheim, explores the loneliness of performing show after show, in one town after another, never having any one place to truly call home.

Too much time on the road takes its toll as “Scenes from a Psychotic Circus: Movement 5” by Key Poulan, takes us to the darker side of circus life. Enter the world of instrumental distortion and mayhem. The enthusiasm of performing day after day, night after night, slowly starts to deteriorate, before the momentum explodes beyond imagination.
2010 Marching Season
“Into The Heavens”
Sun, Moon & Stars

Sometimes gentle, sometimes capricious, sometimes awful, never the same for two moments together; almost human in its passions, almost spiritual in its tenderness, almost Divine in its infinity. 

– John Ruskin


The Shikellamy High School Marching Braves are proud to present their 2010 production “Into the Sky…Sun, Moon, & Stars. This seasons program is a celebration of the illuminated sky thought selections of three leading contemporary wind band composers: Richard Saucedo, Brian Balmages, & Robert W. Smith.


The Golden Sun

The radiant, warm glow of the golden SUN is brought to life through a tapestry of color and motion in Richard Saucedo’s bright and playful “Song and Dance” that all but captures the warmth of the Sun on a early Autumn morning.


The Silvery Moon

The silvery MOON, a powerful symbol of love and sorrow is awakened by blue and silver beams of color and the haunting and expressive melody of Brian Balmages unforgettable “Rain,” capturing not only the majesty but the quiet serenity of the moon’s famous glow.


The Radiant Stars

Robert W. Smith’s rousing “Symphonic Festival” brings to life the visual  and musical excitement celebrating the power of the radiant STARS as we shoot into orbit and the undiscovered heavens above. As streaks of silver flood the field the program concludes with an aggressive tag of Richard Saucedo’s “Walking Into History.”

2009 Marching Season
“The Primary Colors Of Life”
Yellow, Blue, Red
Part I-YELLOW! – This bold color very often associated with highly artistic and light hearted individuals
                          always on the move. “A Winters Dawn” by John Fannin captures the energy and
playfullness through a vivid color presentation and multi-metered musical moments

that bring intensity to any already frenzied musical personality.

Part II-BLUE!  – This color most assoicated with tranquility and breath also evokes a peacefullness heard

                            in the enchanting melody of  “Appalachian Morning” by Robert Sheldon.  A soft stillness

                            of sound and gentility of motion bring this beautiful color to life.  “Appalachian Morning”

                            features trumpet soloist Halie and a trumpet duet by Aimee and Kellen.

Part III-RED!  – No one can mistake this bold color, most easily seen by the human eye. From fire engines

                           to stop signs the color RED elicits aggressive command and strength heard perfectly in

                           Roland Barrett’s “Month of the Cold Moon”

Follow the Marching Braves through their exploration of color and emotion

and find which color best describes you?!
2008 Marching Season
The Year Of The Dragon!


   The Shikellamy Marching Braves are proud to present their 2008 production “The Year of the Dragon: Celebration-Honor-Strength.”  This year’s program celebrates the customs, colors, and sounds of the country and people of China.

Part I – Celebration is filled with the famous color and exuberant joy of China as we celebrate the coming of the famous Chinese New Year and thankfulness of long, healthy life with “Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons”

Part II – Honor calls upon the quiet reverence and noble tradition of the Chinese culture through the soft haunting sounds and glowing ceremonial lanterns of “Shannon Falls” by Ralph Ford

Part III – Strength leads us to the time honored symbol of the ancient Dragon and the dark forceful sounds of a people of power and might in “Rising Dragons” by Robert W. Smith

2007 Marching Season
“New York State of Mind”
   The Shikellamy Marching Braves continue a tradition of presenting exciting, innovative and challenging programs.  The Marching Braves would like to extend an invitation for you to join them as they present a day in Manhattan through
Samuel Hazo’s “Sevens” and
    Robert Sheldon’s “Metroplex.” 
   We begin with a glorious sunrise as the city takes on a life of it’s own.  As the day progresses, you will experience the people, traffic, street performers and city life that is Manhattan.  We will take you to an inner city jazz club where you can experience the blues found in any jazz club throughout Manhattan.  After our night out on the town, you will experience a wild taxi ride, taking you home as the sun rises again for another day.

       2006 Marching Season

Die Hexe Und Die Heilige”


The Shikellamy Marching Braves continue a tradition of presenting exciting, innovative and challenging programs.  They will be performing “The Witch and The Saint” by Steven Reineke.  A piece about a set of twins born in Germany around 1588.  At that time, twins were considered a bad omen, therefore the twins were separated at birth into different homes.  One was sent to a convent, the other stayed with her natural parents.  Both girls could predict future events.  The sister who lived with the nuns predicted good events, known as the saint, and the sister who lived with her natural parents predicted bad events, hence she was considered a witch.  The band portrays this tail performing music that represents each sister, as well as the struggles they went through including the towns people chasing the witch out of town into the forest.

     2005 Marching Season
“Crossing The Rubicon”
Vulcan Fanfare – Robert W. Smith
Winter’s Fury (From “Into The Joy of Spring”) – James Swearingen
Nessun Dorma – Puccini
Newrhythmics – Richard Saucedo
Through The Vulcan’s Eye – Robert W. Smith
2004 Marching Season
The Music of Samuel R. Hazo
Thank you Sam for some great music!
It was a pleasure to meet you!
2003 Marching Season
“Into The Raging River”
Into The Raging River – Steven Reineke
Shenandoah – Frank Tichelli (No Info)
On The Waterfront – Leonard Bernstein
2002 Marching Season
“Return To The Centre of The Earth”
The Music of Rick Wakeman
Thank you Rick for all of your assistance and permission.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your band mates Jon Anderson, Chris Squire
and Alan White!
Dance Of A Thousand Lights
Still Waters Run Deep
Buried Alive
Cascades Of Fear
The End Of The Return
2001 Marching Season
“The Music of David Holsinger
Abram’s Pursuit
Fantasy On A Gaelic Hymnsong
American Faces
2000 Marching Season
“The Pioneering Spirit”
American Overture – Joseph Wilcox Jenkins 
The Promise of Living – Aaron Copland 
Twelve Seconds To The Moon – Robert W. Smith
1999 Marching Season
“Jubilation Suite”
Glorious- Sandi Patty
Take My Hand – Thomas_A._Dorsey
Jubilation – Richard Saucedo
1998 Marching Season
“The Music of John Rutter
1997 Marching Season
“Spanish Encounters”
Spanish Steps – John Tesh
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – Andrew Lloyd Webber
A Mis Abuelos – Arturo Sandoval 
It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sandoval!

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