Shikellamy High School Library

Sixth and Walnut Streets, Sunbury, PA 17801

570-286-3700 x2352

Meet Our Librarian

Mrs. Reichenbach is a Central Pennsylvania native and a graduate of Our Lady of Lourdes Regional High School. She attended Penn State University. Life after Penn State includes a series of jobs that eventually landed her in librarianship, where she has been working for the past twenty-one years. She holds a Master of Education degree from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. Lifelong learning is a calling; and areas of interest include teaching research strategies, digital citizenship, and the use of technology in the classroom. Along with teaching and library duties, Mrs. Reichenbach serves as a Google Team member at the high school and middle school and sits on the Shikellamy School District’s Act 48 Committee. She is also the Recording Secretary for the Shikellamy Education Association. She participates in the high school’s Peer Leadership program and in the past served as advisor for the National Junior Honor Society.

Professionally, Mrs. Reichenbach is a National Board Certified Librarian. She is a member of the Pennsylvania School Librarian’s Association. She has a love of all things Penn State. Other interests including encouraging current students to apply at her alma mater and feeding her former students prior to sporting events. Aside from Penn State pride, Mrs. Reichenbach is the mother of two above-average children (both Penn State students) and a professed dog lover. Gardening, reading, and attending estate sales fill in the remaining free time.

Expectations for Library Use

The purpose of the Shikellamy High School Library is to provide a quiet learning environment within the school community.

Resources in the library will support the curriculum and provide learning opportunities for all students. Books and materials are provided for recreational reading as well; these materials are chosen through recommendations by staff and students, American Library Association award winning books and lists, and book reviews from School Library Journal other professional publications.

The responsibilities of the librarian include providing equal access to all students & staff members who wish to use the library as a quiet place to study, read and conduct research.

Due to scheduling, teachers and students alike will be using the library throughout the day.

It is the responsibility of each student to respect the rights of students, teachers, administrators, and all other persons who are involved in the education process.

With this in mind the following rules will be in effect:

  • Books and other library materials and equipment must be treated with care.
  • A quiet atmosphere will be maintained at all times
  • When classes are in the library, access to the library will be restricted
  • Use of technology in school is outlined in the student handbook. Any violations will result in a loss of privileges.


The library is open when school is open on cycle days B-D-F, from 8:00 AM-2:40 PM. We follow the school calendar with days off and weather delays. The Library may be closed during the day due to scheduling.

The library is a shared space for the use of High School classes and students

books are borrowed for a three-week period. They can be renewed.

We participate in the SHAREit inter-library loan system for libraries in the state of Pennsylvania. Books can be borrowed using this system, but lending policies are strict and the borrowing period for these books is short. This service is for educational purposes.

The library closes at times during the school year for testing purposes (Keystone Testing and during the High School Final Exam period). Students not involved in testing will not have access to the library.

The library is open when Mrs. Shemory is at the High School. She is scheduled here on cycle Days B-D-F.

All outstanding books are kept on a students’ record from year to year. Borrowing privileges can be restricted if books are not returned. Students will be charged for material that is not returned prior to the end of the school year. All obligations must be cleared in order to receive you High School diploma. This includes library obligations.